Home of the Smaht Tahp

Ayuh, what we make is simple, maybe a bit 'unfinished' but we

hope you too will discovah just how SMAHT our stuff is.


We kinda see it as a union of us as a couple

one side a little roughah, but pretty strong and protective;

the other a little softah and comfy.

You could surely live without a Smaht Tahp ....

but why risk it!?  Read USES


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sports fan ground covah

4-wheelah seat protectah

flat tiyah changin' cloth

picnic ground covah

chayahlift bum warmah

treestand sittin'

post-run cah seat sweat protectah

privacy cloth

emergency cape

bleachah seat pad


baby changin' tahp

Old Orchahd Beach towel savah

sled seat covah

throw over a puddle for your ole lady/man

rip in plow truck seat covah, covah

showah mat upta camp

mat for feet comin' outta the boat/watah

protect your lap when eatin' italians

nasty aihplane seat covah

yankee swap gift !

replacement window tahp

drive in movie theatah seat

Mallett Brothahs music festival space savah

sleepin' in the aihport

best wedding gift EVAH

Uses for a Smaht Tahp ?


Don't chuck a used Smaht Tahp

We realize that tahp material is a plastic, but we hope that you will reuse this product to its fullest before decidin' to put in a landfill or or somethin' else not so smaht.

Upon receivin' this fine product, we feel the best place to keep your Smaht Tahp handy is in your cah, backpack, diapah bag, picnic kit, near the coolah supplies for campin', truck box, sled saddle bag, or in your cahhaht ovahalls back pocket.

However, we realize that these can be supah handy, and may get dirty (but are completely washable!) and you may no longah want to use a wohn tahp for such fancy applications.

The list to the right are a few things we've come up with to keep on bein' smaht with your Seams Unfinished product. Please considah a few.

oil changin' pad

gahdnin' kneelin' pad

weed preventah

small batch of wood carriah

dog watah/food pad

used mahshmallow stick placemat

wet geayah mat in breezeway

dead crittah transportah

windshield snow protectah

tool bench covah

last minute gag gift (add new ribbon)


We're Tracyn & Steve. We were bohn and raised in Maine; lived 'away' for a while and now are back. We live up in the mountains of Western Maine, each engineerahs (of different sohts) by degree. Collectively, we have wohked on land, at sea, advencha raced, owned businesses, been on reality TV shows, hold patents, ski, paddleboahd, parent. We even married other people, then figured out we were meant to be togethah. We feel our Seams Unfinished products are 'Wicked' Smaht. We'd like to think you will too.


Shippin' & Returns Info

We offah FREE Shippin' on all ordahs.
Add 5 bucks for expedited shipping (USPS Priority).


Need it even fastah?  We COMPLETELY understand ! This is such a practical purchase and think of how long you may have lived without it ??!


Contact us and we'll quote ya the best price, bud.

Let's face it. What we make are pretty simple things with some really spiffy uses. At this point in time ALL of our products are sewn on our (previously known as) dining room table with an inexpensive Singer Sewing machine by Tracyn and her evah-improving sewing skills.

We are committed to providin' consistently high quality items for a good value. If you want supah high tech fabrics and fabrications, well, we feel there are plenty of those out there already. Thus, we started "Seams Unfinished Company of Maine"

We guarantee what we make for it's crafts(wo)manship, and reasonable lifespan. If you feel you have a product that did not meet this expectation by all means, we will fix 'er up. Please fill out the following, and we will reply ASAP, as long as we're not too busy or out shovelin',  with a resolution/replacement.

Thank you for your message!


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Smaht move !