Smaht A$$ Tahp
  • Smaht A$$ Tahp

    We live in a ski town, and we know what it's like to have a wicked chilly bum in the wintah. We creatid the Smaht A$$ to covah your arse when you sit on the chayah lift, or just settin' in the snow.


    Then, a friend who lives upta Alaska, and runs dogs draggin' a sled, stahted usin' one just to help tolerate the cold up theyah. It's thanks to her 'product testin' that we have launched this rendition of the Smaht Tahp.


    approx 24" x 24" with 42" of strap and a fastex buckle (you can let us know if you need it a bit longah!). Same fleece on the inside, tahp wind-breaker on the outside.