Smaht Tahp - Candy Canes in the Concrete
  • Smaht Tahp - Candy Canes in the Concrete

    This is the original approx 29' x 34" Tahp with this red, white and gray plaid with the unmistakeably classic 'blue' tahp backin. OR it may have silvah, or maybe green, you will just have to wait and see. Seems like a great Tahp to lay down for the summah picnic, or at the beach. Or, with Covid and all, keep ya' distance in the lot at the ski hill ! Great for puttin' on yer boots.


    If you haven't seen our list - a meer sampling of possibilities - see HOME for suggested uses.


      This is a fine quality, home-sewn 'blanket' with a durable, standard blue tahp material on one side and classic flannel on the other.


      A seemingly unassuming price, that is actually the first year the founders of Seams Unfinished 'dated' in 5th grade, 1980 - you do the math. We are a mature couple now.


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