Smaht Tahp - Rusty Cat Fleece

Smaht Tahp - Rusty Cat Fleece

This is the original approx 29' x 34" Tahp with this animal fur patterned fleece (is this a cheetah? Leopard? Jaguar?) with the unmistakeably classic 'blue' tahp backin. OR it may have silvah, or maybe green, you will just have to wait and see. Seems like a great Tahp to lay down for the summah picnic, or at the beach.


If you haven't seen our list - a meer sampling of possibilities - see HOME for suggested uses.


    This is a fine quality, home-sewn 'blanket' with a durable, standard blue tahp material on one side and classic flannel on the other.


    A seemingly unassuming price, that is actually the first year the founders of Seams Unfinished 'dated' in 5th grade, 1980 - you do the math. We are a mature couple now.


    You have the option to upgrade to Priority mail during checkout for a reasonable flat fee, just in case you need to expeditie for the holidays! 

    We also have local pickup/delivery options in the Bethel, Maine area.


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